The end-2-end banking solution

Banking has changed. Emerging markets are embracing the limitless possibilities emerging in this new digital age. 

Over the last 15 years ZSS has strived to radically alter the nature of banking service provision through innovation and service delivery. Bank-in-a-Box is exactly what the name suggests.. A single solution designed to enable full spectrum digital banking services from a single provider at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time.

Zero to bank in record speed

Bank-in-a-Box combines all the ZSS divisions to give you a single point of contact for a full digital banking platform massively reducing cost and time to market.

Light weight, rich functionality

Removing all legacy and traditional institutional restrictions empowering service providers to impact their customers where it matters most: User experience, security and cost.

Everything in one

From hardware provision all the way through to digital channels and POS infrastructure, Bank-in-a-Box is designed from the ground up to help your institution focus on your customers.


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Join The Revolution

Whether your institution requires the expert services of one of the specific divisions of the ZSS structure, or if you are building a new digital institution from the ground up, get in touch with us today today to learn more about the ZSS DNA.

"Digital Banking & Payments".