About ZSS

Veritran Pvt Ltd trading as ZSS Shared Services offers a full range of financial technology products and services including implementation, management and operation thereof, with a roadmap towards PCI DSS compliance.

Our Clients


To modernise traditional banking and provide world class, affordable transactional capacity to the Zimbabwean population by unlocking capability through proven agile modern financial technology for financial institutions.


To enable banks to provide their customers with innovative, agile and robust technology platforms.

To assist in bridging the gap between legacy banking and digital banking and to interface all V-Suite customers for interoperability in an agile manner.


• Our People are our most important assets
• Can-do attitude
• Robust solutions
• Agility
Understand customer requirements Partnership and long-term relationship with customers

Compliance & Audit
Account Hosting
Bulk SMS
POS Management
Real-Time Monitoring
Card Services
Merchant Services
Remittance Services
Security & PCI
Mobile USSD & Apps
Bill Payments
Internet Banking

Member of the DSI Group

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